Saturday, October 19, 2013

Vermont Snacks Subscription Box

I decided to go out on a limb and try out a new snack box. Vermont Snacks caught my eye. "Vermont's Most Delicious Snacks" just sounded good to me. Something about Vermont... I have just always wanted to live there and I love the North.

Price of Box: $19.00/Month(shipping included)
What's In It: 4-6 delicious Vermont Snacks
Duration of Subscription: 1 month recurring subscription

I love the packaging, super cute!

Packing List

YOLO! Popcorn- $1.26

Total Box Value: $7.14

I have not cancelled this box, although I was not highly impressed with the snacks inside. The value of the products were less than HALF of what I paid for the box which is HIGHLY upsetting. They are new and just starting off so I will give them a little leeway. I am not a big fan of popcorn or applesauce but I plan to give this box one more month to impress me, otherwise I will be cancelling. (It seems like you have to personally contact to cancel because once you sign up there really is no account log-in to keep track of everything, which is kind of complicated when you are a box addicts ha!)