Saturday, November 30, 2013

New Handmade Subscription: Box of Happies + Giveaway!

The Subscription: Box of Happies is a subscription box service that offers you 3-5 handmade surprises in each box and is a perfect gifting option.
Price: $24.00 per box +4.99 flat shipping. Use code 2FORYOU for $2.00 of any one box.
Box Options: You can pick the exact month you want and also pick the time span of any subscription length you would like as well. Discounts are offered on higher length subscriptions. One box by itself is $28.00 if broken down.

Box of Happies was nice enough to offer me these gorgeous handmade earrings from their October box for a Box of Happies exclusive giveaway in this blog! Box of Happies is fairly new and only launched a few months ago.

You can get the October box by itself or any other specific month. I absolutely love this subscription box and I cannot wait the December box. All of their stuff is so unique and adorable as well as made by talented artists that Box of Happies chooses very specifically to bring to a smile to your face with their products. You can subscribe to one of their boxes here.

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Jungle Stand Tasting Bar Video Review November 2013

The Box: The Jungle Stand- Tasting Bar
Price: $9.92/month + FREE SHIPPING
What is Jungle Stand? "Every month we’re going to drop our BAR on your doorstep. The BAR will have bite-sized samples for you to taste…and most certainly…to EXPERIENCE." "We are an original taste-ing BAR. And every month the BAR will offer bitesized samples for taste-ing. 
It’ll be a very unique experience for surecertainly 
one you’ve never had before.
Perhaps odd  maybe even strange at times, but 
always delightful. 
So take a taste and enjoy! 
This will be YOUR adventure."
When am I Billed? The first of every month. You can pause the subscription at any time in your account or email them to cancel.

Here is our Tuesday night all summed up in our tasting bar video review :)

If you are interested in trying this fun box experience click here. You are sure to be in for a treat with this interesting subscription!


Monday, November 25, 2013

My 2nd Graze Snack Subscription Box + 1st & 5th Box Free Code

The Box: Graze
Price: $5.00/box($1 off with each person you sign up too!)
Box Options: Light(calorie conscious version) & Regular(usually filled with sweeter and more savory snacks)
Shipping Frequencies: However often as you like! Graze makes it easy to skip a week, two weeks, or even a month without any hassle. Just log into your account and cancel, pause/skip the amount of time you want. It is easy as pie and perfect for getting you snacks when you want them.

Graze is a little snack box company that send healthy and delicious snacks right to your door. What I love about Graze is that they let you choose when you want your boxes and how often. Not only do they let you choose when, you get to essentially choose what too! You rate/like/dislike the snacks you have gotten before and you can also scroll through all the snacks they currently house and choose dislike if you do not want to see certain ones in your box, or click like if you would prefer to see that certain snack in your box! AWESOME! RIGHT?!

This was my second snack box!
I forgot that I had this subscription on pause for a couple weeks and one day it showed up! I was like, WHOA, FOOD? YES! Since I had forgotten about it though, I still had my subscription set on the lighter option and did not edit any of my options, so sadly I ended up with a bunch that I was not interested in. At least the significant other of mine is not too picky. He ate most of these up and enjoyed them! 

D LOVES PISTACHIOS! So happy to get some!

We both dislike coconut :/ 
I went in and changed my settings after seeing this and saw that I had FIVE more invite codes. Graze required me, at the time I signed up, to become a subscriber only with a unique invite code. Luckily, I am in a subscription box group where we were starting a chain! So everyone who signed up passed their code to the next person in line. Eventually, it got to me(did not take too long) and then I passed my code along to the next person. I was happy to see that I had tons more invites. So, I guess they changed some things since I last got a box so that more and more people can subscribe to this amazing snack box :) GO GRAZE!

ALL their snacks come with the nutritional values on the card you're sent!
I love that the nutritional card comes in the box. Especially since so many people have allergies and count calories & all the other macros in their diets. Since receiving this box, I switched to the regular snack box and it should be on its way here in a couple days actually. Be sure to use my unique invite code here and you will get your first AND fifth snack box completely FREE!

* I was not compensated in any way for this review. These opinions are my own. Post may contain affiliate links*

Wantable Intimates November 2013 Review

The Box: Wantable (Intimates)
Price: $36.00 a month or $40.00 for a one-time purchase
Box Options: Wantable has three box options that include Makeup, Accessories, and Intimates. They also have a special Holiday box option that is a GREAT gifting option. (See details on this at the end of this review)

The Wantable Box is a simple and classic design. So intriguing, I had to dig right on it.
I was kindly offered a Wantable box of my choice for reviewing purposes and I had seen so many people extremely satisfied with their intimates box that I just had to pick that one. Wantable has a very, very thorough quiz that you take for each of their box option that makes sure it is catered to you PERFECTLY. Anything you click dislike will NEVER be sent to you. They will always try to include more of the things you LOVE in each box and will sometimes send you things that you labeled to LIKE. They hit the nail on the head with this box for me. I cannot imagine what they will send me for my makeup box! I am so picky with my makeup and love that it is so customize-able because I will absolutely love and adore everything I get!

Their adorable note to me :)
The item packing list...
Muk Luks Trish Tights- $21.00
I absolute LOVE the color(I tend to stick with dark colored tights in winter) of these tights. They are sparkly, thick and cozy. They are so freaking soft that when I first took them out of their packaging I kind of just rubbed them all over my face. (Don't judge!) I cannot wait to wear these with some gorgeous winter outfits!
The details on the tights ;)
Coobie Soft Bra in Calypso Coral- $22.00
This bra is not my favorite color but oh my gosh is it soft and sexy with its little lace trim(a new addition to the Coobie Bra line). It fits me perfectly and Wantable really listened when I said I needed some new "lounge" type bras. I am at home a lot more than I used to be and you usually can catch me wearing yoga/workout clothing 24/7, unless it is date night. This is a great priced bra and I may end up just buying more of these in different colors too.

OnGossamer Bikini Panty in Tangerine and Betsey Johnson Panty Tutu Thong in Purple- $34.00
I was so happy to see not one but TWO pairs of panties in this box. Panties are my favorite, they are my addiction, and they are my fetish. I have hundreds! No woman can EVER have too many panties. I was super excited to see two really nice brands as well, of course Betsey Johnson anything is a fave of mine and so is purple, so I just died when I saw those purple tutu panties. 

Total Box Value: $77.00!
Overall Opinion:
I SERIOUSLY ADORE THIS BOX. They listen and take EVERY SINGLE thing you say in your quiz and apply it to your personalized box. Who could ask for better service?! They customer service is also FANTASTIC and their shipping is super quick. I could not be happier with this box and I am planning to get the makeup box next since I took their quiz and can't wait to see what they give me. Use my link here to sign up today and snag a holiday box or two as well! Merry Shopping!

As for the Wantable Holiday Edition Box it will include all of these items listed below:
Photo of the holiday box from their website!
Bella Beauty Small Metallic Cosmetic Bag – Value $8
Bella Beauty Rollerball Eyeshadow Set – Value $15
29 Cosmetics Dew Lip Gloss - Value $22
Color Club Nail Polish - Value $8
Spa Sister Silk Sleep Mask - Value $10
Wantable Exclusive Earrings – Value $20
Total: $83.00 of holiday Wantable goodness!

Keep a lookout for a giveaway coming 11/25! A Box of Happies exclusive from October! What item do you hope it is?

What did you love most about YOUR Wantable November box and are you getting the holiday box? What are you looking forward to getting in your December box?

*I was not compensated monetarily for this review and all opinions are my own. Post contains affiliate links*

Monday, November 18, 2013

Taste Guru November 2013 + Giveaway!

The Box: Taste Guru
Price: $49.98
What's in it? Gluten-free full-sized items from all around the world! Altogether, Taste Guru offers you the best gluten-free foods for about 20% off retail price.
Coupon: 2FREE to get each of your first two boxes for just $12.00 each! You will not be billed again until the third month.
I received one box and have one to giveaway! Scroll to the bottom and enter the giveaway for this exact box :)

All the goodies tightly wrapped and secured. This box this month was marked as "fragile"!

The cards with recipes, coupon codes and information.

Olivia's Stuffing- $5.69
Gluten-free and wheat free these crutons are sure to be a hit with whatever you make out of them. Whether it be original stuffing or throw them on some salad. These came to me in the flavor Rosemary & Sage.
Viviana Italian Blend Penne- $6.99
Viviana brand Italian Blend Penne comes in three flavors, it is colorful(the picture did not do it justice)and also gluten-free. This penne is also vegan! I can't wait to use these for a seafood pasta or something soon.
i heart keenwah- $4.99
i heart keenwah comes in many different flavors, cranberry cashew is the one I received, they also come in almond(yum!),chocolate sea salt(yum-er!), and ginger peanut. You can get 12 packs of these(even mixed cases) for $59.88. You can also order these by the single bag for a little more of the cost on Amazon. I am not too big into Quinoa even by itself but David will surely eat some of these sometimes.
RW Garcia Dippers & Enjoy life Plentils- $4.57
RW Garcia Dippers come in tons of flavors and are a great little snack, Dave ate these right up at work for a snack and said they were super delicious. He was expecting them to taste weird because they were mango curry but he said they were just the right amount of sweet and spicy(mainly spicy). These Enjoy life plentils I got came in margherita pizza. Both Gluten-Free of course and came with coupons as well!
Surprisingly Vegan Waffle Mix(Original)-$8.50
Surprisingly Vegan makes gluten-free waffle mixes! All you do is add water! These are also non-GMO which is great. I do not have a waffle maker but I am sure they will make good pancakes. They also came with a coupon to buy them on Amazon for a $1.00 off!

Total Box Value: $30.74!

If you want to get your hands on this box enter this giveaway! I am giving away one ENTIRE November Taste Guru Box! 
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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bestowed October 2013 Box(NON-GMO Month) + Half Off Code

I know it is kind of late for this October box review but I got this box late at the end of October. But, better late than never!
The Box: Bestowed
Coupon Code: HELLOTEN103 should get you 50% off your order right now if you act fast. There is no referral program either. Just simple and to the point. Click, order a box. Get box. Love box. Email to cancel or pause. Boxes arrive on the 15th of the month.
Contact Information: Facebook:
          Phone: (866) 976-2797
Contents: FULL-SIZED healthy snacks and beverages! All products selected by nutritionist Heather Bauer. You can rely on her and her team of diet experts to curate a box of at least five amazing and healthy snacks each month.

My Box- October 2013

First Glance + Nutrition Booklet

the Good bean crunchy roasted CHICKPEAS in Smoky Chili & Lime- $6.60
These have as much protein as almond and are 100% good for you! I am not too big on this flavor and I also tend to steer clear of hard foods like this. I broke one of my teeth on a corn nut in high school and have been terrified of these foods ever since. Nevertheless, I sucked on one a bit and they seemed like a good snack for those who have strong teeth :)

Way Better Snacks Black Bean Tortilla Chips- $3.49
These are Kosher, Vegan, Non-Gmo and Gluten-Free! I had these the other day and they were really good! Light, crispy and tasted like black bean hummus! So delicious! Sprouted black beans are known to reduce blood cholesterol and has a good serving of healthy omega-3's too.

Love Crunch Granola- $4.95
These contain a large amount of whole grains, a little protein and are super healthy for you. I topped some of D's morning yogurt with this and he absolutely LOVED it! This flavor (chocolate macaroon, I think) was a good sweet treat on top of his plain greek yogurt. I had a tiny bite and I must agree, it is pretty darn yummy.

Hemp Pro 70(2) & Ultima Replenisher- $0.82
The Hemp Pro samples are a protein powder you can choose to bake with or mix in with you yogurt or just add to water to get a quick fix of protein for the day. This Ultima drink mix has zero sugar and comes in several flavors. I absolutely HATE grape flavor so this will be given away since D does not use drink mixes unless they are supplements.

UNREAL Peanut Butter Cups- $1.77
I have bought these from our local grocery store before and they are just as good, if not better, than any other peanut butter cup! They are so tasty! I could eat 100 of these, but I won't.... maybe. No preservative, no GMO's, no corn syrups, low sugar and gluten-free. LOVE. THESE.

gnuFoods Fiber Love in Cinnamon Raisin- $1.62 
I love fiber and granola bars. This went into our healthy snack bin in our pantry, which I make sure to keep stocked full of healthy, tasty snack bar options for on-the-go quick snacking needs. These come in several delicious flavors, although this one is not a huge hit with me, there are tons of sweeter and savory type flavors that gnuFoods sells.
Enjoy Life Seed & Fruit Mix in Beach Bash- $1.25
These are vegan, non-gmo, nut free AND gluten-free. You really can't ask for better than that, huh?! This was/is a great snack pack for a great hike or post-workout. It has sense nutrients and is low in calories too. It also have a little bit of protein and good healthy fats. 

October Bestowed Box Value: $20.50

Final Thoughts:
I really love Bestowed box but this box was just not one of my favorites. I love the idea of this box but I am not a gluten-free person, nor is anyone in our household. I did however love the full size granola and the peanut butter cups by UNREAL. Overall the box value came out to just a dollar over what I paid for it and that is a bit disappointing since I received many full-size samples. I usually like to see my box values extremely exceed what I pay for them. November will be my last month with Bestowed for now and that review should be up within a day or two! 

*Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this review in any way and all thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Birchbox November 2013 Review

The Box: Birchbox
Price: $10.00/month & $110.00 for an entire year. (A ten dollar savings)
Inside the Box: 4-5 beauty samples with over 40+ different box arrangements each month to ensure you aren't just getting what lil' missy got next door.

First Glance at my November 2013 Birchbox. Theme: More Good
This month, Birchbox is donating a portion of their shop proceeds to "No Kid Hungry". This organization is working to end childhood hunger, so go on! Shop away with your favorite products in their shop this month and know you're doing even MORE GOOD with your money. :)

Mox Botanicals Bath Milk: $6.00 (2-Pack=$12.00)
I am super excited to have gotten this in my box. I absolutely LOVE bath milk, bombs, soaps, bubble bath, etc. You name it, if it does something to my bath water or skin, I love it. I am not a regular "jasmine" scent fan, but their site carries many other flavors too, including Oatmeal... Vanilla... (mmmm!). The directions on my information card say to steep this in a full tub of warm bathwater or empty it into the tub before soaking. 
Chuao Chocopod- a mini chocolate bar- $1.24 (Box of 8=$9.95)
Well, what can I say? I love chocolate like any other normal person.. I keep a stash of sweets above the stove for when a huge craving comes along and I always have a good stock thanks to all my boxes always sending me a lil' sumthin' sumthin'. I can't feel too guilty about this one either because it is small and not jam-packed with tons of calories either. This item in my box was considered my "Lifestyle Extra" this month and was the fifth element if you will. The website for Chuao Chocolatier is exquisite! They have so many items and so many gift sets as well, as well as tons of holiday gifting ideas! This would be a great gift for someone you know who has just GOT to have a little piece of delicious chocolate during their day but wants to keep it discreet. This one comes in a pack of eight assorted mini chocolate bars to hide in your desk or iPad case, you know, just in case. 

Eyeko Black Magic Mascara- $10.76 (Full size $24.00)
Designed for "after hours seduction", UH OH! I love mascara, always love seeing mascara in my boxes. YAY! This mascara claims to curl and create voluminous lashes for  supreme lash perfection that is also water-resistant and thickens lashes. The ingredients include shea butters and keratin for an ultra softening technique that allows for an easy removal, which is always good. I hate spending all night scrubbing my face trying to get my thick waterproof mascaras off. I do not have thick lashes, so sadly I have to use a LOT of coats to get nice, full looking lashes. I love curved brushes, which this has, so this is definitely a new favorite. 

Beauty Protector Shampoo & Conditioner- $5.50 (Full size $21.95/each 8oz.)
I love new shampoos and conditioners. This stuff smells like classic vanilla-y... creamy... luxurious hair care. All you need a dime sized, worked in and lathered to damp or wet hair and BOOM, soft, great smelling hair. This is a new line from a best-selling hair care line, it is sulfate-free and claims to add shine and volume. 

November Birchbox Total Value: $23.50

Final Verdict:
As always, Birchbox does not disappoint and is always well over a ten dollar value. Classic and simple beauty items that I look forward to discovering each month. Birchbox is shipped via UPS then intercepted by your postal service for final delivery usually before mid-month. I suggest this box to any and all subscription box subscribers. Thanks Birchbox for another great month! Use my link here to sign up for their December box, I am sure this holiday box will not be short of anything but amazing. Don't forget Birchbox also has a male subscription for just $20 for that special man in your life.

*Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. I was in no way compensated for this review. All opinions are my own.*

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Splendies Shipment #2 - Underwear Subscription + Coupon Code

The Little Surprise: Splendies! 3 panties in your selected size, picked for you and sent to your doorstep.
Prices: $8.00 with the code: SPLENDIES and $12.00 for all following months.
Options: No-Thong Option($2.00 extra) Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large. Always FREE SHIPPING. ($7.00 for those residing in Canada, sorry eh!)
Customer Service: Always friendly and prompt when emailing and conversing. 

My 3 panties. Size Large. Splendies ships via USPS.

Red Lace Cheekies- Absolutely loved these!

Purple/Lace- Did not fit my big rump too well.

Have not worn these yet because I dislike pink.
I was overall not too happy with this package this time, but $8.00 for just the red panties is only about half the cost of what I pay for ONE pair at Victoria's Secret. I have paused my subscription since receiving this package and may resume it some time in the future but for now I am happy with what I have. Their customer service was nice enough to refund me without me even asking, which I really appreciated. :) I will be looking into other intimate/panty subscriptions to see what else is out there.

Monday, November 11, 2013

RocksBox Set #2 November 2013 Jewelry Subscription Box + $10 Coupon Code!

The Box: RocksBox
Price: $19.00/month ($10 to use when you sign up through my link here)
What Is RocksBox?: RocksBox sends you curated jewelry based on what your personal style quiz reveals about your jewelry style. They get to know you and your rate/review the jewelry you receive in each box. You get 20% off the retail price of all the jewelry they send you as well!

I recently got my second RocksBox, via USPS, shortly after returning my first box which you can see here. RocksBox has fast shipping to you and fast prepaid mailing packages to send your box back. You simply choose what to keep or keep nothing at all. Any damaged jewelry you are also not responsible for, just shoot them an email and they will take care of any problems fast and efficiently. 

The Beautiful Wrapping :)

Urban Gem Pillow Party Bracelet- Retail: $56 (Membership Price: $44.80)
*This bracelet was really nice but just felt too cheap and was kind of restricting on my wrist, hmm, I guess I have fat wrists...*

Isharya Purple Frost Louvre Resin Ring- Retail: $48.00 (Membership Price: $38.40)
*I liked this ring but it was just TOO chunky*

Angel Court Devotion Necklace in 24kt Gold Plate- Retail Price:
$78.00 (Membership Price: $62.40)

*I LOVED this necklace but could not justify the price to keep it* It was definitely made of quality material and seemed very sturdy. I wish I could have kept this but I keep holding out for the perfect pieces.

Detail on the Angel Court Necklace.

Total retail box value: $182.00 and if I kept them all I would have only paid $145.60 :)

I loved this set more than my first one for sure, but sadly sent all of these back and crossed my fingers for a really awesome third set... and boy am I glad I waited. Look for my third RocksBox review shortly! I finally kept something :) Don't forget to sign up and get some really nice jewelry through my link here to get your $10.00!