Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Jungle Stand Tasting Bar Video Review November 2013

The Box: The Jungle Stand- Tasting Bar
Price: $9.92/month + FREE SHIPPING
What is Jungle Stand? "Every month we’re going to drop our BAR on your doorstep. The BAR will have bite-sized samples for you to taste…and most certainly…to EXPERIENCE." "We are an original taste-ing BAR. And every month the BAR will offer bitesized samples for taste-ing. 
It’ll be a very unique experience for surecertainly 
one you’ve never had before.
Perhaps odd  maybe even strange at times, but 
always delightful. 
So take a taste and enjoy! 
This will be YOUR adventure."
When am I Billed? The first of every month. You can pause the subscription at any time in your account or email them to cancel.

Here is our Tuesday night all summed up in our tasting bar video review :)

If you are interested in trying this fun box experience click here. You are sure to be in for a treat with this interesting subscription!