Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Splendies Shipment #2 - Underwear Subscription + Coupon Code

The Little Surprise: Splendies! 3 panties in your selected size, picked for you and sent to your doorstep.
Prices: $8.00 with the code: SPLENDIES and $12.00 for all following months.
Options: No-Thong Option($2.00 extra) Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large. Always FREE SHIPPING. ($7.00 for those residing in Canada, sorry eh!)
Customer Service: Always friendly and prompt when emailing and conversing. 

My 3 panties. Size Large. Splendies ships via USPS.

Red Lace Cheekies- Absolutely loved these!

Purple/Lace- Did not fit my big rump too well.

Have not worn these yet because I dislike pink.
I was overall not too happy with this package this time, but $8.00 for just the red panties is only about half the cost of what I pay for ONE pair at Victoria's Secret. I have paused my subscription since receiving this package and may resume it some time in the future but for now I am happy with what I have. Their customer service was nice enough to refund me without me even asking, which I really appreciated. :) I will be looking into other intimate/panty subscriptions to see what else is out there.