Saturday, November 2, 2013

Reagan's 2nd Halloween!

Let's recap... These first photos are of when Reagan was just about two weeks old! Some friends came over and we all carved pumpkins. I can't believe he was this tiny little guy. Look at him! 

We tried to pose him with our pumpkins to celebrate!

I had to get him this even though it was too small :) Look how tired and angelic he looks.

Taking a nap.... Ahhh.

Now we have this kid below! Taking photo of him is the single most difficult thing ever. All he wants is to touch and grab your cool gadgets. God forbid you do not let him have it(which leaves no time for anything but  a blurry photo) or he takes about five steps back giving you this terrible scared yet angry look like "YOU TOOK MY BIRTH RIGHTS AWAY MOTHER!", *PLOMPS* onto the floor and whines...

Before a meltdown over the camera...

Mid-Meltdown Sideways Style

"All I wanted was your phone mom, jeez"

"I also planned on chewing on it too, cool?"

Yup, just give him your phone and he won't notice you're taking picture anymore...

He says "This is mine now, right?"

"Yup, it's mine. ALL MINE"

"I'm going to call my people"

I was able to get some of him outside distracted by the (rotted) pumpkins we had carved two-three days beforehand.

Quickly, I had to remove him from the scene because there were so many gnats and fruit flies around the pumpkins. We also got some time to go to the pumpkin patch on Dave's day off over in Clear Lake.

Dave claims holding this pose was the hardest thing he has ever done, ha!

My little buddies :)

It wasn't hard holding him to do this at all, I don't what he was complaining about :p

Our Halloween Family Photo 2013

Hope everyone had a great Halloween. Reagan got tons of loot from pictures his dad sent me of him on Halloween. He was dressed as Superman and it was so adorable. He was gnawin' away at those candy wrappers. Keeping my fingers crossed we can keep him off of the candy for a couple more years! My sweet baby boy is 25 pounds and 31 inches tall this month and he never seems to slow down.