Monday, November 11, 2013

RocksBox Set #2 November 2013 Jewelry Subscription Box + $10 Coupon Code!

The Box: RocksBox
Price: $19.00/month ($10 to use when you sign up through my link here)
What Is RocksBox?: RocksBox sends you curated jewelry based on what your personal style quiz reveals about your jewelry style. They get to know you and your rate/review the jewelry you receive in each box. You get 20% off the retail price of all the jewelry they send you as well!

I recently got my second RocksBox, via USPS, shortly after returning my first box which you can see here. RocksBox has fast shipping to you and fast prepaid mailing packages to send your box back. You simply choose what to keep or keep nothing at all. Any damaged jewelry you are also not responsible for, just shoot them an email and they will take care of any problems fast and efficiently. 

The Beautiful Wrapping :)

Urban Gem Pillow Party Bracelet- Retail: $56 (Membership Price: $44.80)
*This bracelet was really nice but just felt too cheap and was kind of restricting on my wrist, hmm, I guess I have fat wrists...*

Isharya Purple Frost Louvre Resin Ring- Retail: $48.00 (Membership Price: $38.40)
*I liked this ring but it was just TOO chunky*

Angel Court Devotion Necklace in 24kt Gold Plate- Retail Price:
$78.00 (Membership Price: $62.40)

*I LOVED this necklace but could not justify the price to keep it* It was definitely made of quality material and seemed very sturdy. I wish I could have kept this but I keep holding out for the perfect pieces.

Detail on the Angel Court Necklace.

Total retail box value: $182.00 and if I kept them all I would have only paid $145.60 :)

I loved this set more than my first one for sure, but sadly sent all of these back and crossed my fingers for a really awesome third set... and boy am I glad I waited. Look for my third RocksBox review shortly! I finally kept something :) Don't forget to sign up and get some really nice jewelry through my link here to get your $10.00!