Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Reagan Turns 1!

My little baby boy just turned ONE on October first! I cannot believe an entire year has gone by... It feels like just a few days ago he was latched onto me and wearing newborn clothes. I miss burping my little one and the smell of it sometimes, am I crazy?

He has learned so much over this past year including walking at eight months old! He weighs 25 pounds and is 31 inches tall! Here are some memories from his first birthday. My camera and phone died before we got to Mr. Gatti's so we had to get a CVS disposable camera and wait for the photos to come back. Ah, nostalgia...
David's dad feeding him some juice!

Reagan and Mini Ma

Reagan and Andria :) 

Playing the drums!

He loved how the dancing game lit up colors everywhere.

First time playing skee ball!

(His Thomas the Train Tunnel from his Great Great Aunt Beverly!)

May my little baby boy have many more great years of love and affection. He has so many people who love them and I am so blessed to have such an adorable red-headed healthy son. His (one) kidney is doing fine and functioning well. It is over-sized which is good and what is needed since he only has the one.