Friday, October 11, 2013

June 2013 Bulu Box Review and Free Box Code

My friend got me interested in this box and I have had it coming to me ever since. I got this box with a free code for my first Bulu Box. Try code: BULUGAN137 or input it through here.
Bulu Box Details:

  • 4-5 vitamins, supplements, and health product samples each month (SOMETIMES MORE!)
  • Comes in a Regular Option or Weight Loss Option. (This month I chose Weight Loss but have stuck with regular because I like the samples more.)
  • Billed around the fifth of every month or prepay 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. (These are best utilized with a good 25 % off code. I usually pay $15 for 3 months. I have enrolled in my second 3 months as of this October :)
  • Boxes ship around mid-month(15th)
  • Cancel or Pause any subscription by logging into your account through the website

Content & Price Breakdown for June Weight Loss Box:

  • -BluCentin- Natural Hangover Protection: Price: $2.67- Still have these for a day I remember to take them before drinking, HAH! I am a champ though so I usually just forget I ever got these.
  • -BioVi Probiotics(two sample pills): Price $1.90 - Not big enough sample for my to gauge whether I like these more than the ones I used already but took them anyhow because I love probiotics and have always needed them to help with my Gastrointestinal Tract. Probiotics also help increase your metabolism! 
  • -Flapjacked Protein Pancake Mix: Price $2.70 - I got the cinnamon apple flavor and we made them for breakfast! They made a bunch of pancakes and did not taste bad for 15+ Grams of Protein. These were great!
  • Eat Green Tea Leaves(Sample)- Price $1.30/3 grams. Sprinkle on food or eat to increase antioxidant intake by over 10 thousand percent!
  • -Shapeology Burn Blend: Price $9.34/14 Pills- I am not too big into "diet" pills which is basically what these are. They claim to increase your metabolism to lose weight fast and I am guessing they did that because... They increased my heart rate, my mind and everything else as well. I took two days worth and stopped taking them. I would give these to a diet pill fiend friend of mine one day. I prefer my SHAKEology :) Natural and healthy weight loss with 70+ Nutrients!
Total $ Worth Of Samples/Box: $17.91! Whereas each box sells retail for just $10 and free shipping. I will be posting up to date boxes and reviews. I have been trying to catch up. But, I have kept and absolutely love Bulu Box and probably will not be cancelling for a while.