Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Blissmo Box Review October 2013 + $10/$15 off Code

The Box: Blissmo Box
The Price: $24.90/month cancel anytime
Description: premium, organic, non-toxic & eco products. full & trial sizes
Options: choose from 2-3 box options each month. They also have a bites box and a beauty box(which also comes in a mini size!) 

Blissmo Box ships via UPS. I was super excited to finally try out this box. It has been on my list for months! :) This box is the bites box, full-sized.

First Glance, LOVE the packing!

Chomps Snack Sticks- $2.25
100% Grass Fed Beef Snack Sticks

HelloFresh Gift Card! - $25.00
They source all the fresh ingredients and send you a complete meal to prepare yourself as often as you want!
They deliver for free weekly! You choose the meal you want to receive too. They also offer a VEGGIE meal box for vegetarians. However, they only deliver to certain zip codes & states and mine is not in their range yet :/ So this will be up for trade!

Health Warrior Chia Bar in Chocolate Peanut Butter- $1.57
Omega 3's, Protein, Fiber, 100 calories, and barely any sugar!

Stur Simply Strawberry- $3.99
Over 18 servings for water enhancing in this one bottle!

Blurry Photo, Apologies.
Dream Water- $3.25
I have gotten these before in other boxes, still have yet to try them but they seem to work according to some of my friends! Claims to help you get to sleep, drug-free, and awaken refreshed.

Gin-Gins- $0.16
These are good for sensitive tummies and I have gotten them in another box before too.

Total Box Value: A WHOPPING $49.53!

Use code: yoga for $10 off your first box or try 15OFF to get $15 dollars off your first box.