Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Splendies October 2013 Underwear Subscription

The SubscriptionSplendies! A package of three pairs of underwear in your size. Original, Cute, Different and easy for you to skip going panties shopping!
Prices: $8.00 with code SPLENDIES at checkout for you first month and $12.00 for every month from the last day you ordered. ALWAYS FREE SHIPPING. $7 for Canadians.
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, & Extra Large!

Splendies arrives via USPS and fits right in my mailbox :)

Wrapped in pink tissue paper.

I ordered the larges and received 3 panties. There is a no-thong option for $2 more dollars because usually the subscription comes with at least one thong, which I surprisingly did not get.

I am not too fond of the pink stripes but the style of boy-shorts are great, which I love for bedtime and sleeping! The red ones are soft and have a touch of black lace, alas, they seem of good quality. The black ones are "panty-line" free, I have some JUST like these from Victoria's Secret that are some of my FAVORITES! These are seriously the equivalent to the quality so I am happy to have another pair!

I think I might keep this subscription for a while because I liked these and they fit well, I also want to see what else they have to offer. Go on over to Splendies and pick up for you three pairs for just $8 today! Don't forget to use the code above!