Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bulu Box October 2013 + Free First Box!

I continually sign up for this box! I just can't get enough of it, even though this month kind of slacked a bit. I think I would fall absolutely in love with them if they took the reviews we did on our boxes(points that we can use for money towards their store purchases) and customized our own a little more personally. Once again Bulu Box is $10/month and I keep re-subscribing for 3 months at a time with %50 off codes that come around sometimes.(Usually near the end of my subscription I get an email). This box is really only about $60 a year with a good deal and come with 4-6 supplements while offering a regular version and a weight loss version!

All the note cards!

First Glance.

Nasal Health Herbal Supplement by Rootology- $1.49
- These seem interesting, will try them tomorrow morning-

REvive Shot- $2.99
-Super excited to try this for when I am getting tired-

All-in-One Gummy Vitamins by Smarty Pants- $0.99
-Okay, these had those grainy little sprinkles on them, totally hated them and made me gag, yuck!-

Pocket Protein in Strawberry- $2.49
-These are always pretty tasty and I like Strawberries, so I am excited about this!-

ProDigestive Antacid by Axia3- $0.24
-I ALWAYS get wicked heartburn from citrus, spicy, and random foods. These are perfect for my purse instead of my huge Tums bottle-

Total Value of Box:  $8.20

Although this box was very disappointing this month and the value is less than the box itself, I still love this box. If you want a free box try the code: DISCOVER or try box8555 for your first box to be FREE! Remember, you can cancel at ANY time! Click here to start enjoying!