Saturday, October 5, 2013

September&October Clean Undie Club

Okay, I don't think I need to say it but I will. Men don't like shopping... and for whatever bizarre reason that is, it makes them apparently incapable of buying themselves NEW items. Out of all these items, you would think underwear is important to their little tushies right? I guess not so much because I end up buying the undies around here. Which, honestly I don't mind because, shopping is fun.

Septembers First Pair

Some favorite brands of boxer briefs so far for my man are Under Armour(the bright colors and they are really soft and form-fitting), Tommy Hilfiger, and Calvin Klein. Even though I favor these, I felt he needed some more variety in his undergarment wardrobe. I subscribed to a monthly underwear delivery service called Clean Undie Club, they delivery a pair or two or underwear that you choose to your mailbox every month for $7.99 or $12.99. Your options are between black and grey and boxer briefs or just briefs. I went for the medium because the Mr. is about a 32 in the waist. We received the first pair shown above in September, within just what seemed like 2-3 days after placing my first order! Congrats, for very fast delivery, however over time the waistband did not seem to hold up too well and the legs were too small for his pretty muscular legs. Overall, they are nice and durable American Apparel branded underwear but the sizing just did not fit his body perfectly.
Octobers Second Pair
There did not seem to be a way to cancel online, so at first I was not sure if we were subscribed for sure or not. I checked my bank account details one morning and saw the charge for my next pair and emailed them asking when they were shipping and how to access that type of information from their site. They did respond quickly, but told me there was nothing I could really control without emailing them. Which means to me, anytime I want another size or color, I would need to email them and wait for a reply. This, just does not fly too much with me. I emailed them asking to cancel my subscription after the second pair arrived. (Shown above, this time with no Clean Club detail for some reason?) They agreed very nicely and asked me why and I explained to them the fit, options and the online accessibility was just not up to par for us.

Overall: We do have 2 new decent pairs of basic black boxer briefs for $16, which is not bad compared to the prices of our favorite other brands!