Saturday, October 19, 2013

BOGO Citrus Lane August+October 2013

Description: A box of 5 items a month for children ages 0-5 years old.
Price: $25/month
Coupon: Get 50%! your first box using my link to sign up for Citrus Lane. Use code TAKEHALF or BLOGSAVE. November boxes usually ship the 17th and the 17th of all recurring months, so hurry!

I recently re-subscribed to Citrus Lane when they offered me to sign up again and get a free month. Citrus Lane is a subscription box for babies and children, they also sometimes throw a little something in for mom too, which is always a pleasant surprise when that happens. After re-joining, I was immediately sent the August 2013 box and then waited two more weeks and received the following box for this month of October 2013. I like to age up with Citrus Lane because I like the idea of getting stuff Reagan can grow into and I also feel he is not too keen about things meant for his age. So, I put his age as 18 months instead of 12.

First Glance

Wild Animals Bouncy Ball- $9.99

Ouchies Jr. Paddington Bear Bandaids- $5.20

Plum Kids Fruit & Veggie Shredz(Rooty Blues)- $0.77

Clean Well All-Natural Hand Sanitizing Wipes- $4.43

Octopus Opposites Board Book- $7.19
August Box Total: $27.58
This August box arrived near Reagan's birthday so it was a fun little surprise to shower him with a few extra gifts, he loves bouncy balls! He also LOVED the fruit Shredz.

October Box is pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Boon Water Bugs- $6.79

Episencial Babytime! Playful Wash- $3.90 (Comes in 8oz for $9)

Babybug Magazine Subscription- $3.45

Green Tones Triangle Castanet- $11.99

October Box Total: $26.13

Price I paid for both Citrus Lane boxes: $25.00
Value of both boxes: $53.71