Friday, October 18, 2013

Kona Kase October 2013 Review + $5 off code

I will love this box... forever and always. So healthy, so yummy, so many items and provides me with so many new foods I order to stock my pantry with. Kona Kase is $15/month and offers discounts on longer subscriptions. Signing up through my referral link, you get $5 off!

I always love their inspiring quotes!

The information cards.

I have gotten these a lot in my Bulu Box, they are so good and a good source of carbohydrates for a powerful workout. 

FlapJacked Protein Pancake Mix(Buttermilk)- $9.99
I have gotten these in a Bulu Box before and they are delicious, you can taste the protein but I am excited to try this Buttermilk flavor. Use code: KONAKASE2013 for 20% off an order on their website!

I have not been able to try these yet but they look great. I love bananas and banana chips. Barnana is the creastor of the healthiest, organic snacks ever. Non-GMO, Organic, AND gluten free.  Use Code: KONA1 for 20% off website purchases.

Musette Bakery George Four Berry Tart- $2.00
A brother and sister owned company providing athletes(cyclists) with delicious tarts is what this business is all about. They are mostly all made with whole wheat and natural ingredients and I am excited to try this, this flavor is described as a "throw back" flavor to our childhood taste buds.  Use code: KONAKASE for 10% off all Musette Bakery orders :)

Skratch Labs Hyrdration Mix- $ 1.95
These are used and tested "in the heart of war with athlete competing in races like the Tour de France". Perform great with this and avoid bloating and stomach aches. 

Kind Healthy Grains Oats & Honey Clusters- $3.08
As pictured above, this stuff is awesome! Whole grains, gluten free, FIBER, NON GMO, No refined sugars and MORE. Kind company is great and I love all their products! Perfect for pre-race fueling and post-activity snacking.

Honey Stinger Organic Waffle- $ 1.39
I just ate this and it tastes so good, I love these little waffle things I keep getting in boxes. They are certified USDA organic and available in single serving wrappers. They offer many purchasing options through their websites and many other flavors.

Total Box Value: $25.07! That is over $10 worth the box itself and it includes free shipping!

Kona Kase is such a great box and I will be continuing this subscription for a while :) Use the code: fiveoff for five dollars off your first box.