Thursday, December 5, 2013

UM Cheeky November 2013 Panty Subscription

The Subscription: Unmentionably Cheeky (UM Cheeky!)
What you get: Two premium pairs of panties sent to your door each month :)
Price: 2 panties/month for $8.00-- Free shipping to US and Canada ($5.00 worldwide)
Discount Code: "FALL13" to lock in the price of $6.00/2 pairs for life!
A discreet Black Envelope arrived shortly after my ordered.

The adorable purple tissue paper and sticker enclosing the two panties.
My two pairs :)
Okay, so I got this purple full "butt coverage" pair and these dainty pink lacy cheeksters. The purple "LOVE" emblem in little crystals was not applied correctly as you can see it is crooked. That did not make me very happy even though I love purple. They also feel VERY cheap. I mean, CHEAP CHEAP like a person who works nights on a corner cheap. The pink pair have been worn a lot so far even though I HATE pink, but they are super adorable and do not make me all muffin top-ey from being too tight(even in a size large) with this girls big hips and big behind. 
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Back of the Purple Panties.

Back of the pink panties!(Love the lace cheek parts!)

Verdict: I am not a huge fan of pink in general and I wish this subscription has some options for me to customize which panties I was getting and of course perhaps the option to pick styles. They offer a good sizing selection but overall I was not too satisfied, even for the price. I cancelled but might try them again in a few months.