Wednesday, December 18, 2013

SquareHue Nail Polish Subscription - December 2013

The Subscription: SquareHue
What is it? SquareHue is a monthly nail polish subscription club. SquareHue is the promise to deliver unique, curated collections of premium nail polish colors to its style aware members :) (That is me and you!)
Price: $19.99/month+ $5.00 shipping to United States and $9.00 to Canada(Shipped USPS First Class Mail)
Return Policy: Return the entire collection within 15 days for a refund.
Cancellation Options: You may cancel or pause your subscription at any time in your billing cycle(which is monthly) from your account on the website. I suggest keeping it on pause if you have interest in just continuing a few months later in order to lock in your membership price in case it ever goes up. You can also cancel or pause by emailing them here:

Their Small little white box arrived to me very speedy the first week of December!
SquareHue takes pride in being a very sustainable company, which I love. They are able to offer super high end polishes at a fantastic price because their team have taken action in cutting out ALL the greedy middlemen. Due to wanting the FRESHEST(freshyyy fresh!) colors each month for their awesome subscribers, you cannot order past colors/products at this time. So, if you want this stuff each month, make sure to sign up here or you will for sure miss out. The colors of the month are not released for preview simply because, we must trust them and I mean... who doesn't love these flipping sweat surprises!?

The setup inside the box plus the information card.
The theme was: New York 12.13 -- Each polish had its own little cut out spot in the cardboard to safely be shipped without breaking or being thrown all over the box while still saving on packaging! I love the cute little cardboard crinkles, I see these in many boxes lately. I couldn't quite tell what colors these were until I took them out, but the card had the shades on them for me to see the shades as well.

The Three Polishes!
I admit, I was soooo not sure about the middle color pictured above. I was very apprehensive about even trying it. But, my solar nails just came off a bit ago and my nails had been bare and chewed on for the past couple weeks so I decided to sit out and experiment with my first SquareHue set, go all out, and use them all! I am glad I did. Here is what I did!
The Polishes On!
I know the lighting is a bit bad since I took these photos with my phone but I love the way these looked! They were festive without being too festive if that makes any sense at all. It has been about two weeks since I painted my nails these colors and let me tell you, I have ZERO chips in the paint. The only thing you can see is where my nail beds have grown out. This polish is absolutely durable and very, very, very smooth. It is stunning and shiny and barely left any mess for me to clean up even though I have such tiny nails underneath my fake ones, haha. The only downside to any of these was that color on my middle finger, (which was the one I was worried about) it took about three or four coats to get it the color shown here. 

Verdict: I am super satisfied with this new subscription and I could not be happier about the quality of these polishes. Definitely my favorite new nail polish subscription by far. I might even pain my toes with this months box still, but I still have my November green BirchBox color on them which I am attached to right now.