Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ipsy Glam Bag December 2013 - Makeup Subscription

The Subscription: Ipsy
Price: $10.00 (shipping included)
What is it? Deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products delivered to you each month.

As always, I look forward to my Ipsy and BirchBox subscriptions each month and once I saw my Glam Room(a feature on your Ipsy account where you can see some of the things you are getting) I was super excited! After you sign up, you might be put on a slight wait list, but if you hurry now you may be able to bypass it for the holiday season like some people I know. Once you fill our your personal makeup stylist quiz they will curate some products specifically for you. You also have the option to retake the quiz whenever you want as well.

 Here is my bag for December 2013:

The bright and shiny pink bag is always a wonderful sight in my mailbox!

The bag... in the bag.
This month, I got SEVEN, yes, SEVEN items which included this awesome shiny black makeup bag. I was very pleased with the amount of products this month and I love that Ipsy always sends your stuff in a new makeup bag to add to your collection each month. I dug right in and tested them all out right away. My photos were taken quickly with my camera phone so I apologize for the grainy, dark quality.
My products(plus makeup bag)!

1- Black Ipsy Glam Makeup Bag - Celebration: ($5.00?)
2- POP Beauty- Bright Up Your Life- Eyeshadow Trio: $8.00
3- Be a Bombshell- The One Stick: $16.00
4- Nicka K New York- Nail Color in Red Hood: $4.99
5- NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick: $4.00
6- Demeter- Snow Perfume Oil Roll-On: $10.00
7- Mirabella Eye Blender Brush: $27.00 (Not shown, a replacement is being sent to me)

Glam Bag Total: $74.99! - BY FAR the most expensive Glam Bag I have received yet, I am so happy!

All of the makeup on
So, there you have it. I put it all on and I love love love the eye shadow and cheek cream by Bombshell(I love Bombshell cosmetics so much). I lipstick was a bit too nude for my liking, but it would work well if I used it with some brighter colors everywhere else. The nail polish is super bright red, but it has a sort of deep finishing touch to it. No one can have too many red polishes :) Although you cannot smell or see this perfume is the photo, let me just tell you, it is seriously the best smelling new perfume I have smelled in a very long time. It is so soft and sensual and honestly it just smells like.... sexy snow. I can't describe perfumes very well, but just trust me. If you don't like anything too over-powering or fruity, this stuff is the PERFECT match for you. Go ahead and grab your spot in line for Ipsy as soon as you can here! Have a wonderful holiday season and stay tuned for some new beauty subscription reviews today!