Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dollar Shave Club Monthly Subscription Box

The Subscription: Dollar Shave Club
Prices: $1(plus s&h), $6 or $9(both include shipping for these)
Options: The dollar option is a two bladed razor with 5 cartridges per month, the six dollar option(which I received) is four bladed and 4 cartridges per month, the "executive" blade is SIX! bladed and you get 4 cartridges as well per month!

*Upgrade or Cancel at any time through your account*

I was chosen by the kind company, Dollar Shave Club, to do a review of their middle subscription box option. I was so happy when this arrived because I had recently bought the man and I new razors but have not busted them out yet. Since I extreme coupon on the side, I always happen to have tons of razor, shave cream, blade stock in our bathroom. But honestly, sometimes I just want to try something new and I have been eyeing this subscription for awhile because it looked so interesting and convenient. 

The 4X Blade Option with 4 cartridges- ($6.00)

I would totally say this subscription is an amazing option for the bachelor, or even married man, who just can't seem to find time in his busy life to constantly replace his razor, blades, and shave needs every month. So, if you are a man(or even woman!) who needs these essentials delivered to you, these prices are absolutely not able to be passed on! I mean... what? A razor alone at the store with one spare blade is over $10.00 if you want the nice one right? I immediately used this razor once I pulled it out and it was precise, let me tell you. Not only do you get just the razor either, you get tons of extra blades. So get to shaving those legs girl, or that beard that grows ever so quickly because all the razors they offer come with moisturizing strips on them too!

Dr. Carver's Shave Butter(6oz)- $8.00 & One Wipe Charles(40ct)- $4.00

The coolest part of the subscription has to be the ability to add on these awesome extras in your box for a great price too! This shave butter is not recommended for occasional shavers but it has a TERRIFIC smell and it leave absolutely no residue either. These wipes are peppermint scented too(christmas time much?:p) and they are basically butt wipes(tee-hee) that are gentle for the tushies and are also flushable!

Box Total: $18.00 for three premium shave items!

This would be a great Christmas gift for the special man in your life if he wants some luxurious shave products. Click here to order him a subscription today, or even order one for yourself, because these are not just for women either!

*I received this box completely complimentary for reviewing purposes only. I was not compensated in any way for my opinions, as they are my own*