Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cloud 9 Sample Box- December 2013

The Subscription: Cloud 9 Sample Box 

What It Contains:  An assortment of really cool food samples, beauty samples and other surprises designed to "take you away from the everyday"
Price: $15 plus $5.95 shipping and handling
Ship Date: 15th of every month via USPS

This was my box inside the box with a handwritten note from Cloud 9, who was so kind to send me this box for reviewing purposes :) It was adorable themes for Christmas and came with some candy canes and a sparkly little snowflake tree ornament on the outside.

This was my first glance inside the box which was all packed neatly inside some red crimped shred of paper. I have seen the Cosmos popcorn before in another box and they were so delicious. I knew this box was going to a be a hit already!

DCS Chocolates Chocolate Dipped Graham- $2.30 (Based on assortment dipped trays)
At DCS Chocolates, years of family traditions in chocolate dipping and a deep love for chocolate is what inspired a mother and daughter to team up and start this company. These have even been featured on the Kris Jenner show. Now if you know me, I do have a slight sweet tooth, so this was the first thing I bit into before even finishing unboxing as you can tell! Let me tell you, this is hands down one of the most delicious things I have ever had in my entire life. I still have their business card in my wallet! You can shop my occasions on their website or even custom make your own assortment of milk, dark and white chocolate dipped items. You can get salted caramel cups, strawberries, pretzels, basically... ANYTHING you want or can imagine DIPPED in gourmet chocolate! Seriously, go to their website and snag yourself something for yourself, friend, baby shower, even Easter. Oh my, how lovely an Easter basket of these would be! I would just die and go to heaven if someone got me one of these.

Villa Lusso Italian Inspired Lotion in Sicilia- $7.00 (Based on sample size)
Villa Lusso offers mists, lotions, candles, etc! They are all scented and named after and Italian city that the designer and owner, Deborah Carducci has fallen in love with. This Sicilia lotion is made with olive oil, shea butters and no parabens. It is a very hydrating lotion with a sweet almond scent. I was not a huge fan of this smell, but it was definitely something I knew my grandmother would love. (I keep a box of stuff to send to her sporadically throughout the year that is filled with stuff I know she will love that I collect from boxes I get)

Jiva Coffee Cubes Classic- $1.26
Jiva isn't your typical instant coffee, they are a delicious mixture of world renowned Colombian coffee beans and raw, unrefined cane sugar called Panela. They are Fair Trade and Non GMO too! You just drop one of these babies into your cup of warm or hot water, wait just 30 seconds and ENJOY. If you use the code CUBENOOB, you can get free shipping on their website too. They offer many flavors, including hot chocolate. Absolute. Yum. 
PURE, Natural, corn baked in the oven with a unique blend of cinnamon and sugar infused with caramel.... Let me just stop there real quick. HOW delicious does that already sound?! Anywho, these are tasty treats with the bonus factor of them being gluten free, trans fat free and NON GMO corn. They are available in many flavors including, Coconut Crunch, Sea Salt & Butter, Caramel, Salted Caramel, well... You get the idea! Just amazing! They also come in bigger bags too for those of you who just can't stop at this small serving. I think I am going to order me some because I have not had my fix on these in a few months now. Which flavor should I try? I am thinking the salted caramel... mmmm. From what I hear you can get these at Sams Club now too and their is a store locator on their website too.

Sun Cups Caramel Cups-$0.83
NUT AND GLUTEN FREE! These are milk chocolate cps oozing with caramel goodness with organic ingredients. These tasted sooooo amazing. You can order one cup or two cup packs on their website for just $20.00. They come in Dark, Milk, Caramel, Mint and have a master case as well :) They sell bars of chocolate too!

Box Total: $13.88 -- A bit lower than the cost plus shipping, but this box I find the value to be in finding products that you have never heard of before! I found some decadent items in this box and I absolutely loved ALL the sweets and food.

If you want to order a sample box for yourself or give one for a gift just click here and their website will walk you through it all. Enjoy!