Sunday, September 15, 2013

The day I woke up and realized there was life was when...


Right around the time my son turned 3 months old I was told by a couple friends about Bluum; a subscription box catered to MOM AND BABY! You get a box delivered to your door that is age specific to your child for less than 20$. I loved this idea and just went ahead and signed up for a box since there was the ability to cancel at any time. I got my first box in December 2012 and the rest has been history! I do not have photos of those first few boxes but I did love them OH SO MUCH!

They had teethers, things for mom, lotions, shampoos, toys, and all sorts of things you would not think or even be ABLE to go out and get for your newborn child as a stay at home mother. When I first started receiving Bluum, they were not too big yet but they got popular fast. At the time, I did not feel that the $ for the couple small items was worth it and cancelled. Since then, they have upped the ante and made a box of FULL-SIZE products for just a little bit more cash and change. 

After moving on from Bluum, I checked out several mom and baby boxes after that. I got a March and June 2013 Citrus Lane and decided to get a box every now and again with them since the value is definitely there and they are very wise in choosing age-appropriate items worth good money for your child. They go up to ages 3 and even 4!!!! 

Skipping to the latter time: NOW. My husband and I separated and I moved out into my own apartment and money got tight and I could not order many boxes. I have continued to go to school and find work and our divorce was finalized.

I have since met the most wonderful man of my life and I could not have asked for someone so great. Someone who loves my son as much as I do, someone who is confident and tries hard at everything he does, someone who loves me for me and does not try to change me or push anything on me.

Since May 2013 I have been able to spend some money here and there on little things here and there. I also sign up for lots of giveaways and win a lot of free boxes and free samples for my participation in surveys and such. I will continue to add reviews, match-ups, price breakdowns and share spoilers/code/discounts with my blog :) Make sure to keep updated!