Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dearest Mothers

Just wanted to stop in and say how grateful I am to have a wonderful mother. I could never ever begin to express how much of a blessing have a mother is. The things they do for us children are so incredible that the thanks can never be given enough.

Just for the sake of it I want to name some of the little things I am super blessed that my mother has always done.

1. She always takes the burnt piece of food when we cook and one gets more burnt than the other. Maybe she likes it, maybe not. But she lets me have the good piece.

2. She always cleans even when I used to say I would clean something(like every teenager). I feel bad for never doing the dishes when I lived with her and now living on my own, I truly realize HOW many flipping dishes she would wash on a daily basis! Yet I still never even had the strength to put dirty ones into the dishwasher to make her life easier.

3. She always, always, would buy me something before spending money on herself. I wish I could buy her everything she ever wanted to repay her. Well, that is exactly what I plan to do. Mommies give up so much for us and always put us first and sacrifice so much for our sake.

4. She did teach me that keeping a calendar is so important. I may not be as good as her at managing my time yet. But, I do run a good schedule because of her. Mom was always there to remember the things we did not care to keep much track of and young children and teenagers. She always made sure I was up when I should be(even if I didnt get up, she tried) and kept track of all my appointments.

5. She drove me EVERYWHERE! To friends houses, the mall, movies, etc. She also always picked me up from places I did not feel safe at in high school and even now. I know her job title was not a cab driver and when kids become teenagers they seem to become that. I really thank her for everywhere she ever took me and my friends. I know she will always come get me when I am sick, in danger, or just plain right even made a dumb decision when I was younger and for that I am so so so thankful for. That is something I know I will always do for my children. I knew I could always come to here and tell her I did not want to be somewhere and even though she may be mad, tired, or upset for having to come get me, I did not get the third degree immediately after being picked up.

6. My mother always called/ texts to check up on me, if not everyday, then at least every other day. Even to just say goodnight and that she loves me. Not only does it help me feel safe, knowing she is okay too. It lets me know she is thinking about me even without a whole conversation(which does not happen too too much after moving out ).

7. She always remembers a card for every occasion, for every family member too. I wish that was something I am good at too. Sometimes I don't think people appreciate cards as much as they should. Texting and phones have taken away from them a lot... snail mail in general, but I do love all the cards my mom gives me. From Valentines Day to Birthdays to Christmas.... I love all of them because I know she spends time reading them and picking them out.

8. She may have not done this ALL the time but I do know more times than not, my mother cooks for me when I ask her to make me something. Whether it be a sandwich or something specific I have a craving for. No, I don't even mean while being with child. Growing up, even when I was just too lazy to look and make something for myself, she would attempt and make something for me when I asked. Something that no one else will do for us that much if you ask me.

9. Last but definitely not the least, she always always always takes care of me when I am feeling ill. Even when she is not around now, she at least checks in on me to see how and if I am getting better. Getting sick as a kid, is awful and without our mommies, I don't see how any of us would get by! I always thought throwing up was so demonic and scary and when I was little even til now she would get me a warm or cold rag for my head, water, etc. She brings me tissues, medicine, blankets, rubs my back until I fall asleep(which is my favorite soothing method), and sleeps by my side when I am sad or ill.

Needless to say, without my mom, I do not know what kind of person I would be. But, I surely would not be grateful and compassionate for others. I can only hope my children are as grateful for their mothers as I am now for mine.

I love you mom!