Friday, July 20, 2012


Today is the two week mark of living in our new home. It seems to have gone by so quickly and it makes me wonder how quickly all the other little things are going to just FLY right by without me noticing once a baby is occupying our time as well. All of my complaints that I filed with the landlord/realtor were filled and even my AC has been fixed and the filters were all cleaned out. I am so happy with the work they did and how fast the contractors responded. The only thing we need to completely finish off our house is to get my dresser in here, painted. But, I need James for that since he is a spray painting master.

We spent most of our nights cooking and anxiously cleaning to make our new place a real home. I personally did not get much sleep these past two week but I do plan to very soon. James however, seemed to have slept like a baby as always, even on the nights he stayed up late playing a new video game he found in my Xbox-box of games. It is about 80 something days until my due date at this point and that makes me wonder where all the time went. It has gone by so fast I don't even know what to do with myself. I want him here already but then again part of me just wants him to stay inside forever and keep my tummy company.

Aside from moving in, we also celebrated Reagan soon arriving with a baby shower with my friends! It was nautical themed and surprisingly a lot of people actually showed up. It was rainy and gloomy but I was able to see so many people I swear I have not seen in 7 months or even LONGER! I received many wonderful things that I asked for and many surprises which were lovely as well. Even LeeAnne(host) surprised me with two outfits from my best friend that passed away. It has been four years next month that he passed away and she found two of his outfits from when he was a baby, still in nearly amazing condition. (He is her brother by the way). I can't wait for Reagan to fit into them. It was nice to see who cared and have at least just a couple hours of mingling. Baby showers, however, are hard to navigate. I did not feel like I got enough time to talk to everyone and I kind of felt sad all night about it. All of the time factors hitting me at once, in the face, at 100MPH. I am worried I won't have enough time with everyone once Reagan is here, even just worried that I won't ever have enough time with him. Which does not make the fact that we want more kids feel any better to me right now. All I can think of is just spending every moment with the people I love and it just is not enough time, nor do I have enough of me to go around.

James arrived home after the baby before me to take a nap and was supposed to play Wii games with me and my friends later that night. He ended up passing out so hard, he never heard the doorbell or any phone calls for over 9 hours until he awoke and had realized that he dead-bolted the door and I could not even come in and sleep in my bed after no sleep and a baby shower that day! I was upset but did not make him feel bad, I spent the next night cooking us baked spaghetti from my recipe book and it turned out great. He so still owes me though.

I finally was able to get to see a chiropractor for the numbness that has onset in my neck and upper shoulders in just three weeks. The OB and general practitioner were not able to do anything nor did they offer ANY suggestions, so I took it upon myself to seek further help since it is so uncomfortable. I made an appointment and drove around yesterday looking for the office but for the life of me could not find it. Eventually after some researching and google-ing on my phone, I realized I had made my appointment with a Chiropractor in Iowa! I feel so pregnancy-brained lately and sometimes I just make myself laugh. So, I found another one that finally took my insurance after searching forever and saw him this morning. We are going to do 12 days of appointments over the course of the next three weeks and he is hoping that it helps. He popped a few things today and I think I already feel a better range of movement in my neck which is good I suppose.

Reagan is learning how to really move a lot now(28 weeks finally!) and sleeping on my sides is really beginning to hurt. I bought some Mederma since the other creams I used this whole time did not work I am guessing. It is day three and I am so holding out for results that the stretch marks I have acquired so far stay tamed or fade since I am only going to get bigger. Reagans due date is still October 8th, but I want to make the prediction he will be here on or around September 26th. I kind of have a feeling so we will see. I bought him a new bookshelf, since the painting of the older ones did not really go so well. 20 dollars for a brand new one at Target, man I wish we would have done it from the start! His nursery is so gorgeous and comfy, I cannot wait until I can set him in his crib and pass by his room and know an actual human lives in there now!

The only things we really need after the shower and everything at this time are perhaps a monitor(which I think a friend has), a bumbo(another friend also has), and the Avent Breast Pump I want so badly. I also really need a backup carseat for when he is bigger and for a car that he will be in that is NOT my car. I have most of the little and big things now but those last few things will really just let me relax and enjoy the last month or two of being pregnant. He could also use a little activity gym but that is not too necessary. Everyone pray that I can breast feed well and that it all works out according to plan. I would just be utterly devastated if I could not breast feed. I hit my 29 week mark on monday and then shortly after around 32 weeks we will start doing monitoring at the hospital every week until he is here. I am kind of nervous, we are in the home stretch!!!

Well, James has been back at work since Tuesday night and being here is really kind of eerie sometimes. I miss my husband a lot and it feels like I am a single woman or something sometimes being all alone in this house of stuff. Luckily his new job will be starting sometime after he is off this last hitch and he will be all ours again for a long time(we hope)!

In the coming weeks I have SO many appointments and things to take care of I don't even know how I will get through them. I have a new ultrasound soon. So I will update you with week 30 and post the ultrasound photos, along with our (cleaned) new house, and Reagans nursery. Hopefully by that time I will have some of the baby shower photos too!