Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Over Halfway There! But, Let's Recap...

How far along? 22 weeks and 3 days! ( 5 and a half months )
Total weight gain: I started at about 155 and my last appointment at 21 weeks said 166 I think, so 11 pounds so far! All within the past two weeks I swear.
Maternity clothes? I started out with a few outfits at around 12 weeks but have not worn them all yet. I have bought more since then but I am still trying to squeeze into all my old ones because I am missing them so much. Maternity clothing is kind of expensive so I did not buy a huge wardrobe just a few cute tops and pants at a time. One for each type of occasion and lots for the summer time(tanks and such).
Stretch marks? No stretch marks so far! Just some from my teenage years of weight losses and gaining on my inner thighs.
Sleep: I fall asleep faster than my entire life! Which is good on some notes but I am still somewhat an insomniac. I love my television at bed time :) & of course catching up on all my shows on a busy day. But lately, I wake up before ten NO MATTER WHAT and I am never able to nap or fall back asleep. I can't sleep in even if I try it seems, which is good, but this even even when I am going to bed at 4 AM so it is frustrating sometimes! 
Best moment this week:  I was able to start seeing him kick more and more through the outside and he makes my tummy jiggle! It is so precious.
Miss Anything? I miss fitting into my jeans and easily putting on shoes and going up stairs.
Movement: I feel him during the hours of 6pm- 12am the most it seems. But lately I feel him randomly throughout the day so it is nice knowing he is in there alive and safe!
Food cravings: CHINESE FOOD this whole time I swear! & recently mexican food again.
Anything making you queasy or sick: I have been sick off crawfish three times now so I guess just that.
Gender:  A baby boy.
Labor Signs: No.
Symptoms:  Scatiac pain in my left leg sometimes. Placenta Previa which makes moving around hurt sometimes, or so it seems due to modified bed rest( since 17 weeks ). Morning sickness maybe once a month now. HORRIBLE, AWFUL, PAINFUL, CONSTANT acid reflux/indegestion/heartburn. Always thirsty. Bathroom breaks maybe every 3-5 hours. Constipation or diarrhea... Never just a normal bowel which is by far second most annoying. Always hungry for something sweet but nothing ever sounds good besides Cake which is a pain to make all the time and I did not really like cake at all before either. Other than those things right now, this pregnancy is pretty good for me. I was tired a lot from weeks 8-13 then it picked up and I got more energy like it says I was going to. I am exhausted faster but not like those first few months where eating did not even seem to be an option. I did not get sick per say but I literally did not want to eat, move or be awake even. My mood is not too all over the place but after about 19 weeks I have realized I am tearing up and crying at some things more. Hubby and I aren't really fighting so that is how I judge my mood because he sure as heck does not put up with me when I am rude. I am however rude to strangers who give me lip(customer service) which I feel bad about immediately and wish I can go back and fix. So I am trying to be sensitive to other a lot right now too. Random cravings from earlier in pregnancy: Sushi, Pineapple Jarritos Sodas, Sodas in general, subway, chinese, cookies, cereal, milk. Cravings lately: Cake, Guacamole, Banana with Peanut butter sammies, and of course the chinese.
Belly Button in or out? Innie, which was a deep one before but I think it will pop out at least at 30 weeks if not earlier.
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: 80 Happy/ 10 Moody/ 10 outspoken/rude/snappy(with no remorse)
Looking forward to: Shopping for all of his little things I have yet to get. More clothing, play pen, & pampering myself  a little finally. Also his next ultrasound within the next couple of days.
Showing?: Did not feel like I was up until 18-19 weeks and now I am getting bigger and bigger every day I am pretty sure of it. :)


10 weeks: Basically how I looked from 6-10 weeks, I was a bit flatter before.

11 weeks

14 weeks & 2 Days

14 weeks & 4 Days

15 Weeks

16 weeks

18 weeks( First real kicking started )

19 weeks & 5/6 Days

19 weeks as well.

21 weeks & 1 Day

21 weeks & 4 Days
 I will try to update weekly until he is born from this point on. Reagan is the name we have chosen since 14 weeks when we found out the sex and his next ultrasound is coming up so I will post those photos along with all the previous ultrasound photos to compare.